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Welcome to visit rolastyle.com, in order to give you a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, we set out the following terms of use to give you a better understanding of our expectations of both parties.。

Please note that when you browse any of the pages in rolastyle.com, on behalf of you have accepted and complied with these terms. We also recommend that you read our privacy policy statement carefully.

Abide by the Law
rolastyle.com is a company established under the laws of Hong Kong. The company operates in Hong Kong and complies with all Hong Kong laws and regulations. All products provided by the company comply with the requirements and specifications of all laws in Hong Kong. We cannot ensure that such products meet the specific legal requirements and specifications of the customer's location.
For the delivery service of the order, the company has a recommended freight service company. However, you may also choose other freight services or shipping companies. You are welcome to contact us or arrange your own freight services. The company's products and shipping charges are calculated in Hong Kong dollars and all orders are traded in Hong Kong dollars.

Order Terms
Our order terms can be found at the FAQ, Ordering and Shipping Terms. All subscriptions are subject to these terms and conditions of use.

Ffreight Service
For the delivery service of the order, the company has a recommended delivery service. Your rights in the delivery of goods are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant shipping company, and you may request to refer to those terms and conditions. If you choose the shipping company recommended by the company, you agree that the company entrusts the company to handle all relevant shipping matters for you. The company will not be responsible for any actions or misconduct of the relevant shipping company. The company hereby declares that it will not assume the risks and liabilities arising from your use of the relevant shipping company. However, you are free to choose other shipping services or shipping company for delivery. If you choose another shipping company, you may need a longer shipping time.

Free Delievery 
If your order reaches the required total net value of the order, and at the same time use the shipping company's recommended for delivery service, the company will pay for the freight. Your order can enjoy the free shipping service specified by the company.

Our Trademarks, Service Marks and Copyrights
The following trademarks and service marks (rolastyle.com) belong to the company and affiliates and they reserve all rights to recover. All pictures, designs, logos, service marks and trademarks on rolastyle.com may not be used for any purpose without the permission of rolastyle.com or affiliates. In addition, all trademarks, product names, company names and logos appearing on rolastyle.com are the exclusive property of rolastyle.com and its individual owners. All rolastyle.com content, including design, articles, images, logos, button keys, images, software, sound data, any changes, extractions, collections, reorganizations and collections are subject to the Hong Kong and international copyright industry and any intellectual property rights and protected by law. All software used on rolastyle.com is the property of rolastyle.com or its suppliers and is protected by the Hong Kong and International Copyright Industry Association and any applicable intellectual property laws.

Website Use 
This website is currently only used to provide online information and as a shopping media. All content on the Site does not score for any commercial purpose (including reproduction, transmission, distribution, sale, broadcast, distribution, republication, rewriting, or retransmission in the same format or technology). The information communication content of this website can only be used under legal channels. All materials that violate (there are any harmful and intimidating) the terms of this website cannot be posted and transmitted. rolastyle.com reserves the right (but no obligation and responsibility) to prohibit and move. In addition to these materials.


Resale Prohibited 
All rolastyle.com products are sold to users and must not be sold for commercial purposes. If we have any doubts about the use of the ordered product, we will refuse to sell the product.

Product Ownership, Import Documents and Fees
When rolastyle.com sends the product, the ownership of the product will be transferred to the user by rolastyle.com. rolastyle.com will deliver the product as requested by the user. If the product is shipped outside of Hong Kong, you may be required to pay surcharges, taxes, or register for the product to the destination or apply for an import permit. These charges and documents are subject to the law of the destination. rolastyle.com cannot control or anticipate the number of such charges, rolastyle.com will not be held liable for the processing of such payments or documents. If you complete the relevant ordering process, you are accepting the terms and conditions and are responsible for all claims, taxes or import documents for the delivery of the ordered products. If the final product is returned, rolastyle.com will charge 15% of the total product to cover the loss of shipping costs.


This website and its contents are provided on the basis of the available materials. rolastyle.com only provides online shopping, so we do not make direct, indirect, accidental, derivative and punitive damages for any loss caused by the content of the website or the use of products purchased online. (Including monetary benefits and intangible losses) and legal liability (except for legally implied regulations). Before using the products purchased at rolastyle.com, please carefully read the product information, usage and precautions provided by the manufacturer, shipper or seller on the product or in the package. rolastyle.com does not apply to these manufacturers, shippers or sellers. The accuracy of the information provided is the responsibility for the suitability, quality and reliability of a particular use, so it is best to analyze the information carefully before use.

Although rolastyle.com has tried its best to show the true look and color of the product, we cannot guarantee that your computer will display it accurately. 

Compensation and Limitation of Liability 
If you use rolastyle.com and you cause damage to rolastyle.com as a result of your breach of the terms of the subscription or any action, you agree to indemnify and indemnify rolastyle.com for loss, expense, damage and costs (including reasonable legal fees). You agree that rolastyle.com will not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of your use of this website, and you agree to waive any compensation for rolastyle.com.If this statement does not apply to individual examples, rolastyle.com's liability will not exceed the amount you paid for the purchase of the product or service on this website.

Other Website Link 
rolastyle.com will provide links to other websites, and when you choose these links, you will leave this website. These linked sites are not under the control of rolastyle.com and we are not responsible for the content of the site, the content of its linked sites and the updating and transformation of its content. rolastyle.com provides website links for your convenience and we are not responsible for posting or receiving the content of any of these linked websites, and the use and content of these websites does not represent our position. 

Our Privacy Policy 
You agree to our use of your information for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy.

Stop Using 
When we find any harm to rolastyle.com third parties or violations of the law, rolastyle.com have the right to suspend or terminate any or all of the pages of this website without prior notice. without prior notice. 

rolastyle.com will send the notice to you via email, web posting or post. You can also email us the notice.

Modification of Terms 
These Terms of Use (including the terms of the subscription within the Support) will be modified as and when necessary. Please read the Terms of Use and the ordering terms before you purchase on this website.

Legal Supervision 

These Terms of Use (including the terms of the subscription within the Support) will be governed by the laws of Hong Kong and understood in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. You agree that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Court has a proprietary trial for any disputes and claims regarding the Terms of Use and the right of terms of the subscription. 

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